[Day 0] 第一屆開發者寫作松

About Me

I am Ya-Ching Yang (Jean), a software engineer working at DAZN Group in Amsterdam.
After being a part-time backend engineer for a year, I have become a professional software engineer for almost 4 years. At the beginning of my professional career, I focused more on front-end, especially React.js and its ecosystem. Sometimes I worked on Jenkins pipelines and developed Rails APIs as well.

Later, I found DevOps a very interesting field and I was fantasized by "automation". I want the greatest development process. With one click then I can set up the local development environment; Whenever a team member pushes to a remote git repo, our pipeline will take care of everything - to install dependencies, to lint, to test, to build, and finally, to deploy.

That's why I changed my role to a DevOps engineer/SRE.

Now I am working at DAZN as a backend engineer. Not only develop our applications, but I also design infrastructure and take care of CI/CD pipelines.

  • My main languages: JavaScript/Typescript, Go, Java
  • My most loved editor: VSCode, Vim


Goals for the Blogathon

  • Share my experiences in CI/CD process - I plan to write a series named "JS in Pipeline"
    • I am too lazy to write more articles before 😢
  • Share my experiences about how to get an oversea job and how to survive in the Netherlands 😂
    • Want to know more Taiwanese who want to work abroad / already work abroad!

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